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Tridhaatu Athena
Adenwala Road, Matunga, mumbai
MAHARERA : P51900002435
Carpet Area
8.3 CR*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Tridhaatu Athena
Athena brings you every bit of lavishness that you expect in an urban lifestyle and perhaps even more. Rising up to 19 storeys, every flat comes in a 3 / 4 BHK format with large living rooms accompanied by an exclusive foyer and a glamorous sun deck. The best part of Athena is its layout. Every floor houses only one apartment, bringing in a sense of exclusivity and greater privacy. The list goes on with great add-ons like world-class interior fittings & fixtures, a private elevator, a grand entrance lobby to name a few. When you choose the best, you will get the best.
While others worshipped small, we found a new God
Athena is all about magnificence in a new format. Marking every home with a streak of grandeur, boundaries are redefined here. With giant ceilings and luxurious sun decks, Athena is right out of your dreams. It is set to create new benchmarks in every urban mind with a lavish touch to every detail. Come and discover this haven of enormity.
Redefined boundaries
Spacious living is at the centre of Athena, making every flat stand out with its lavish design. With apartments that promise sprawling living spaces, Athena is a complete relief from confined living.
The ultra life
Athena promises exclusivity on a whole new level with a single apartment per floor, complemented with a private elevator. Welcome to ultra living.
A new dimension of living
Just as you step in after a long day, the sprawling living space will welcome you to its expansive dimensions. The lofty ceilings in Athena’s ultra spacious residences will magnify every corner and lend a sense of majesty.
Sunny days ahead
An exclusive sun deck will make a grand statement for your home. Rendered in style, it will throw in the beautiful city panorama and leave you with a sense of elation at the vastness before you. Rest assured, your living room will always be brightened up with this picturesque source of light.
Big on comfort
At Athena, every flat comes with ultra spacious bedrooms. From the tall ceilings to the marble floorings, be assured that if it’s the area that has always mattered to you, then this is it. Give your family the best of comfort and space.
The modern culinary space
Athena brings you a version of the modern kitchen with a layout designed for optimal functionality and usage. Every kitchen at Athena comes with Quartz platforms, ample electrical points for all appliances and everything that can make life easier.
Lavish bathrooms
The bathroom is now a place for rejuvenation, relaxation and a real pampering zone. Our extensive range of bathroom faucets, showers and accessories will create a space you wouldn’t want to leave.
The unforgettable welcomes
When the welcome is grand, everything else can be overlooked. The grand lobby at Athena will spell splendour with a new sense of stateliness.
Classified parking
Athena comes with a well-planned parking system that will ensure smooth entries and exits throughout the day.
Athena is a seismic resistant structure with sophisticated fire detection systems and advanced integrated security surveillance. Basically everything that will secure your peace of mind.
The location
The Matunga radius displays proximity to business districts, recreational zones and other social conveniences. Athena is conveniently located close to hospitals, educational institutions, parks, malls, temples and eateries.
The lifestyle boost
Fitness is an important part of our lifestyle today, with people growing more and more health conscious each day. With a fully–equipped gym at Athena, get to focus on your fitness goals every day.
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Advanced Integrated Security System
Well Equipped Fitness Centre
Advanced Rain-Water Harvesting System
Earthquake Resistant RCC Framed Structure
About Tridhaatu
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At Tridhaatu, we constantly endeavour to create neighbourhoods that inspire quality living. We believe that beyond brick and mortar, a house is made with the priceless virtues of happiness and contentment. The strongest foundation a building can have is the harmony it shares with the community, nature and its elements. Which is why, we bring in thoughtful innovations in everything we do, right from technologically advanced processes to those small intricate details resulting in seamless blending of everything with our values at every step. Every movement starts with a single step. Ours started in 2003, when three friends with different areas of specialisation got united by one common dream. The dream to create a distinctive real estate company which would be professionally managed, reliable, and set standards never-before experienced in the industry. With a team of dedicated professionals at every level, we never just create a building but nurture a framework for unshakable positive energy. It's easy to do what has already been done by the industry. It's doing something new that takes an extra effort. At Tridhaatu, we bring in small, thoughtful innovations in everything we do, so that after a project is complete, there's a significant difference in quality and aesthetics that a customer perceives. Our projects have garnered appreciation from our customers and respect from our competitors. This is only just the beginning and all our future projects would resonate and further strengthen our values for quality living.
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